Come football season, and if you are left wondering how to watch NFL games on Sling TV, well, here are some pointers. Drop the cable, cut the cord, and get Sling TV, the cheapest streaming option that brings very many games and other live TV programming at a fraction of the cost of satellite television.

Game Finder

Use the Game Finder embedded within Sling TV to find the games that you wish to watch. Searching is extremely easy with Enter the name of the NFL Football game, or search by date, school or even city. The service will return the findings accordingly. Furthermore, if you wish to note the games in and around your area, just enter the relevant zip code to obtain results.

NFL Games on Sling TV

Watch NFL games on sling TV
Watch NFL games on sling TV

The Blue Service

Watch Monday night football and all other big games on Sling TV NFL. It is also the perfect way for fans to watch and cheer for their teams. Get the Sling Blue(Sling TV packages) service for just $25 per month and along with it apply for a subscription to FOX and NBC in select markets, besides NFL. There is also the Sports Extra channel that costs around $10 a month on the Blue service itself. With this you can also get access to NFL RedZone where every scoring play can be enjoyed throughout the season.

Sling’s Orange service

The Sling Orange package is available for the same price and additionally, even features Monday Night Football on ESPN. This package also offers Sports Extra at a nominal price.

Blue Plus Orange

Those who do not want to miss any of the sports action can get the Sling Orange + Blue package for a consolidated rate of around $40 and save $10 while subscribing to each of them individually.

Local channels available OTA (Over-The-Air-Antenna)

If you place an HDTV OTA along with Sling TV, then you can watch NFL at the least of the prices. You can still use the antenna to stream FOX and NBC local networks if you think these are not available in your area, through Sling TV. Still all the games on NBC, CBS and other leading channels will be available free and you can, moreover, watch them in HD.

NFL RedZone

If you love football, then you must get NFL RedZone. With continuous 24/7 streams of the game, it particularly focuses on the area of the pitch between the goal line and the 20-yard line, which is also known as the RedZone. If you get Sling TV NFL, then you must add RedZone for just $10 with the Sports Extra package.


Depending upon the provider you choose, the channel should cost anywhere up to $13 per month. Again the range is only when you add-on extra per month. Sling TV is still the cheapest as other providers club it with more expensive package deals. There are other sports you can enjoy at the same rate besides NFL. This way you get the best of sporting action all the year round.

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