Sling TV App

Sling TV, when it was first launched in 2015, was a competition to other major streaming service providers. But with time, it was known to become one of the cheapest options ever against the cable TV. Moreover, the service does not require a comprehensive setup, nor does it come with an add-on payment for equipment. Also, it does not bind users to any contract as such. With some of the best lineups of on-demand TV shows and movies, Sling TV is available for streaming anywhere. Uniquely, Sling TV offers the same channels as is offered by Cable TV, except at rock-bottom prices. This also means less clutter at your entertainment center. Get the Sling TV App from popular Android platforms such as Google Play to stream some of your favorite entertainment on the go.

Sling TV App
Sling TV App


Sling TV has colored its tiers in two the Orange and the Blue. On their own, apparently, both these packages cost around $25 per month. The difference is in the number of channels that you can avail on each of them. Sling Orange offers around 28 channels, while Sling Blue contains more than 40 channels. Yet, even if you were to subscribe to the Blue, it does not mean that all of the Sling Orange channels would be available in it. At the same time, if you were to subscribe to both Blue and Orange to take advantage of the combination, then you would be paying around $40 per month. Even then you are in for a savings of at least 20{0edfac35fd128cc2b8633fca370f52d16e848cc4edb093546bb6f98590bc0bb2} if you were to subscribe to both.


Within the price range of $5 to $15, the Sling TV app offers add-on packages. If you were to keep subscribing to them, you could add-on at least up to $100 per month for the entire lot.


Watch the Sling Orange base package with featured channels such as Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel, ESPN, AMC, CNN, TNT, IFC, and much more. Take the base Sling Blue package and watch channels such as USA, Bravo, Syfy, Bloomberg TV, TBS, FX, Fox, and a lot more. Starz and Starz Encore are available at an extra cost of around $9 per month. But the Pac-12 college sports networks are available on both the packages. Add $5 to watch the Sports Extra package.

Devices for the Sling TV App

You can use the same credentials that you use to create an account on DISH’s website. With these you can log in to Apple TV, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xbox One, the newer Chromecast also through the Sling TV App, and Google’s Nexus Player. Additionally, use the same to get into any Roku device or Android TV System. With the recent partnership between Sling and LG, users can bring Live TV service to any Korean manufacturers smart TV and WebOS. TVs made in 2016 with WebOS 3.0 will be the first to “feature live TV streaming service” followed by WebOS 3.5 TVs. Sling TV is also the first live streaming app to feature in LG TVs.

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