Sling TV Not Working Issue

Sling TV is never down for prolonged periods of time. There might be an occasional outage but nothing prominent. Otherwise, when you are trying to watch something, and if you have a network problem, then coverage is stalled. There are only a few Sling TV not working problems but these have specific fixes as well. Try them when you are simply unable to stream the service.

Sling TV Not Working
Sling TV Not Working

The Service is Down

When the Sling TV service is down, maybe it is not working for a number of other users too. For this, first check the status page for Sling TV. Here, it will advise you if the service is down or any other information about the outage should be displayed. The company also offers some quick replies to outage problems on Twitter. Follow them and see if there has been an outage.

Buffering or Lagging

A lag or buffering can be really annoying especially when you are watching something interesting. One of the predominant reasons for lagging and buffering in the transmission is the lack of internet or connection speed. Sling TV’s recommended speeds for your internet are as follows:

  • Portable devices such as phones and tablets should have a speed of at least 3.0 Megabits per second or higher.
  • If you are trying to stream a single video content on the PC, MAC or TV, then you must possess an internet speed of about 5.0 Megabits per second or more.
  • Finally, households should maintain a recommended speed of around 25 Megabits per second or higher to stream videos especially if you are using the internet on multiple devices.

Fixing Buffering of the Sling TV Service

Execute these steps if you think your internet speed is well below the suggested range. If all your devices display a slow speed even when you bring your device close to the router, then you must fix the issue.

  • Unplugging and plugging the router and modem back should be the first fix that you perform.
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi after you have restarted the device on which you are trying to stream Sling TV.
  • The Sling TV Not Working issue will be resolved if the internet speed is restored to recommended settings.
  • In other cases, upgrade the Wi-Fi, or move your router and streaming device into position if the above fixes do not work. This works especially when you face buffering issues in specific places.
  • Check your internet speed on leading websites to verify strength.

Login Issues and Sling TV Not Working

  • If you are unable to login to Sling TV, chances are, the password that you have entered is incorrect.
  • In such a case, the Sling TV App must be closed completely and reopened. Then try logging into the system once again.
  • Check to see if you can login on another device if you are still unable to login on this one.
  • Finally, you may still want to verify if the Sling TV service is down.
  • Reset your Sling TV password if you know that there is no outage.

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