DirecTV Now vs Sling TV

Both DirecTV Now vs Sling TV are considered as the smartest ways to cut the cable. They are two of the most solid replacements for satellite subscription. It is no easy task deciding to cut the cord and opt for the streaming services. For most, this is one of the toughest resolves to take. This is because the popular notion is that anything other than cable does not feature current shows. Users also feel that the internet is an unreliable source and may not stream continuously. There are worries about buffering issues and of course longevity of the streaming service itself.

DirecTV Now vs Sling TV
DirecTV Now vs Sling TV

But Sling TV and DirecTV Now, actually negate all those fears. Furthermore, it is also a matter of choice. Which one should you choose? DirecTV Now or Sling TV? Here’s a very candid look at DirecTV Now vs Sling TV services.

Since one is an independent company and the other is backed by AT&T, Sling TV and DirecTV both offer different types of content. Users should also get ready for two pretty different experiences.

Sling TV

Equipped with a unique A LA CARTE business model, Sling TV allows users to purchase a base TV streaming package for only $25 a month.  Thereafter at an additional cost of a few bucks a month you can add on individual channels to your plan. For as low as $25 a month and as high as $40 a monthSling TV provides packages that will give you a whole bunch of channels, similar to the cable TV service.

Costing and Subscription

For most, appending channels individually is a great way to save cash on their subscription. This is also true for users who get a battery of channels for a price but do not really watch many. With the Sling TV service, you can actually pay what you are trying to watch. Purchase the channels that you wish without having to pay $80 a month for your cable service. With no hidden fees, no contracts and the choice of payment left to the user, Sling TV remains one of the most preferred services till date.


Sling TV does come with a small drawback. There is not much in terms of on-demand content to watch nor are you going to be subscribing to any exclusive and original content like you would with Netflix. Most movies come with a rental fee of a minimum of $0.99 and maximum of $4, which is for new releases. Renting movies is not that exciting either.

Other Sling TV offers

There are a lot of freebies and gadgets offered with a Sling TV Packages (Sling Orange and Blue) purchase. Users are requested to kindly check the authenticity of the free offers before they subscribe. If you still want to take a peek at what Sling TV has to offer, get a 7-day trial for free.

DirecTV Now

In many way, DirecTV Now on Roku is similar to Sling TV. Even the channel lineups are comparable. Movie rentals, on-demand subscriptions, etc., all more or less resemble the Sling TV service. But there is a marked difference in the features offered by both the services.


Sling TV offers a Cloud DVR, while DirecTV Now does not. Save your TV shows and movies and watch them at your convenience with Sling TV’s DVR offering. Also, DirecTV Now, would not feel like a cord-cutting service and feels a lot like cable TV itself. This is because you still pay for the packages just like you do for cable. While Sling TV gives you add-on subscriptions, DirecTV doesn’t.


If the verdict seems harsh, well, then serious cord-cutters should go for Sling TV because it is cheaper and offers greater flexibility than DirecTV Now.

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